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Ayogu Kingsley Ifeanyichukwu Artist biography

Ayogu Kingsley Ifeanyichukwu born September 23 1994, Hails from Aji Igboeze North L.GA. Enugu State, Nigeria. He is a Mastermind  NCE holder in Painting and Graphics from Enugu State College of Education (Technical )  Enugu Nigeria.

Ayogu unique  style of painting  has earned him recognition and awards local and international art magazine. Finalist Spanish visual Art competition 2015, Winner Talent For Praize Music and Art Competion, Winner Best Experiment Artist at LIMCAF 2016.

His painting is adorn with blessings from above which appeal and give peace to the world  thereby bringing people from different background together for the  sake of Love and Unity.

Furthermore, his painting/ which seek to express themes of daily experience of human life and nature has been defined as " poetry that speaks to create pulsating appeal to the conscience  of people.


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VALLEY ( the failure of time)

While i was painting this work  inspired  by Nosa Iyobhebhe  and her drivefor mental health awareness,  I was only thinking of how to capture the unseen pain and headaches we have brought to ourselves. My question is how many more loved ones are we gonna loose to this culture?  How many more are still trapped in this valley?  questions comes again  how long are we gonna stay entrapped in this valley of inhumane destruction, how long are we gonna stay in this fragmented culture? Yes i call it fragment because drug and substance addiction is only a speck in our life. We can do this. We can #saynotodrugabuse. We can find happiness again. We will find jollity We find  exuberance again. Oil on canvas 30"×40" © Ayogukingsley 2017

ELECTRODE 2 (the pain)

After the popular Cinematographer Okaychukwu Oku took away Electrode 1 from me, it was very hard to get over it so i decided to console my self with Electrode 2.
This series are very personal, yes it is becouse its a personal encounter with welding machine while making on sculptural piece that i never finished, I got my eyes burnt due to over exposure to welding flames. While i was hospitalized for days. My Dean told me it was only an initiation to the cult, Get well soon son" he said. Mehn All this pain i went through, i didn't relent or breach my Agreement with myself being an Artist.
But what baffles me it that this works are still not appreciated in some part of the world. So here i tried to show the bloody eyes an artist go through aftermath its not appreciated.
The painting currenly resting at the palace of his Majesty, The Ooni of Ife.
Electrode 2
Oil on canvas
© 2017 Ayogu Kingsley